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Why Hair Care is Self-Care

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

hair care is essential to your daily self-care routine

Hair care and self-care go hand in hand

When it comes to feeling good, hair care and self-care go hand in hand. After all, looking good helps to boost our confidence and can give us a much-needed dose of self-esteem. Taking the time to focus on our hair can be a great way to step back from our hectic lives and take some much-needed "me" time. It also gives us an opportunity to assess how we want to present ourselves to the world.

There is a connection between hair care and mental health

The relationship between hair care and mental health should not be overlooked. Our hair is an extension of ourselves. When people take the time to style their hair, it can help them feel more confident and in control of their life. Additionally, hair care provides an opportunity to pause and breathe during the day, a chance to feel centered in the body. It's a time that allows for reflection on the day. Take some time out for yourself and focus on your individual needs through the act of caring for your hair. I promise it will have a positive effect on your mood and overall well-being.

A mason pearson brush is a famous brush with natural bristles. It's very gentle on the hair
Mason Pearson Brush

What is a good hair care routine?

A successful hair care routine relies on frequent brushing, washing, and trimming. Additionally using quality products can improve the health of your hair immensely. Use a natural bristle brush or a wide-toothed comb to untangle and move healthy oils throughout your hair. Wash your hair only as often as your body tells you. If your hair feels oily, wash it. If it doesn't, leave it alone. Make sure you are using a shampoo that works for your hair and skin type. If you're unsure about what products to use, consider buying travel-sized products or try free samples from the store or your hairstylist. Trim your hair no less than every 12 weeks (3 months). Wait any longer and your hair will lose its shape and style. Use a heat protectant if you are using a hot tool such as a curling wand. Schedule at least 15 minutes a day to groom yourself at the beginning of each day.

Schedule an appointment with a professional hairstylist

The experience of visiting a hairstylist can be incredibly therapeutic. A professional hairstylist acts as a confidant; they listen to you while they work on giving your a new look or refreshing your current style. It's not just about the end result - it's also about the journey of getting there. Hot tip - during your appointment, chat with them and find out what hair care tips they have for you in order to maintain the perfect look between appointments.


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