How to choose your wedding day hair and makeup

image of a bride and groom standing in front of modern architecture in Chicago. Bride is wearing an elegant hair and makeup look
Choosing a bridal hair and makeup look is one of the best parts of planning your wedding day!

Weddings are a time to express your love to the one you marry. Whether it’s a small intimate ceremony or a large extravagant affair, weddings are all about personal style and taste. One of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding day is choosing your hair and makeup looks. Here are 6 tips to help you choose the perfect look for your hair and makeup on your wedding day: 

Consider the wedding colors 

Choosing your wedding colors is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your big day. Not only do they set the tone for the overall aesthetic, but they also affect your makeup look. No matter what colors you choose, ensure that all of your makeup and hair are cohesive by using similar textures and shades. While everything shouldn’t be ‘matchy-matchy’, it should coordinate. This will help create a polished look that will last throughout the day. 

Your dress style and neckline

When selecting your wedding day hairstyle and makeup, it’s important to consider the style, neckline, and backline of your wedding dress. For example, If you’re wearing a sleeveless dress, you might want to wear your hair up to show off your shoulders. If you’re wearing a dress with silver beading, don’t do gold eye makeup; it will clash. And finally, if you have a lot of buttons or lace on the backline of your dress, you’ll want to avoid hairstyles that will cover it up. In other words, choose a style that will help move the eye around your body and show off your dress.

close up of a bride outdoors in the snow. She has a fur coat, a flower bouquet, and a voluminous updo
An elegant updo compliments her coat and will last throughout the entire day!

The time of day and weather conditions

When considering the look of your wedding day hair and makeup, you need to take into account is the weather conditions. If you’re getting married in the hot months you’ll need to choose a different style than if you’re getting married in the colder months. 

For example, a winter wedding is a magical time to celebrate a wedding.  What could be more romantic than exchanging vows in a snow-covered wonderland? A white dress against a backdrop of white snow is stunning, and monochromatic photos taken during a winter wedding are simply beautiful. However, you’ll have to wear a warmer ensemble for your wedding day attire, which could mess up a loosely curled hairstyle. Consider having an updo with a lot of volume, a red lip, and black eyeliner for a more dramatic look. You’ll look like a princess in a holiday movie. 

The formality of your wedding

When you are planning your wedding day hair and makeup, one factor you should consider is the formality of the event. 

If you are having a black-tie affair, for example, you will want something more formal and elegant. Look at red-carpet styles for inspiration. A sleek updo would work very well in this situation. 

Formal and elegant makeup styles include a smokey eye, highlights and contouring, and a winged liner. Although these looks are dramatic and sexy, they never go out of style and really make you stand out!  

If you are having a wedding with rustic, country charm, consider wearing your hair loose with soft curls. For makeup consider having a “less is more” policy. First and foremost this means makeup that gives your skin a fresh, youthful glow. You may also use blush on the apples of your cheeks to give you a healthy flush. Finally, focus on your eyes by using nude or light shades of eye shadow and mascara, which will open up your eyes and make them look brighter or doe-eyed. This look is less formal but you’ll look down-to-earth and effortlessly beautiful. 

Your wedding theme and location

Your wedding theme and location should be considered when choosing your makeup and hairstyle. If you’re getting married on a beach, for example, you’ll want something that won’t blow away in the wind. Conversely, if you’re having a formal wedding in a ballroom, you’ll likely want something more elegant. If your wedding is taking place in your backyard, you might want something more casual, with loose hair and natural makeup. 

Your personality and hair and makeup style

On the day of your wedding, you want to feel and look like yourself. This is especially important when it comes to your hair and makeup. You don’t want to feel like you’re wearing a mask or that you’re not in control of your look. 

There’s no denying that a new makeup look can feel exciting, but this can be risky when it comes to your wedding day. Don’t spend your wedding day feeling uncomfortable because you look different than usual. If you’re set on trying a new look or hair color, be sure to test it out ahead of time so you know how it looks and feels, and if anything doesn’t feel right you’ll have time to discuss it with your makeup artist and hairstylist. Sometimes, a little tweak here and there is all that’s needed. Do a trial run with a makeup artist to create a look that is reflective of who you are, not who you think you should be.

Final tips for choosing your wedding day hair and makeup

In conclusion, choosing the right hair and makeup for your wedding day is creative and fun! While there are a few factors to consider, all you need to do is use common sense. But by following these tips and using a Pinterest board, you can make the process a little bit easier. Remember to choose styles that fit your personality and that will make you feel confident on your big day. And don’t forget to enjoy the process! 


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